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Link Love From The Car Connection: Tricked Out Ford Mustang, A New Popemobile, And 90+ Minutes Of Rally Crashes

May 4, 2009
1913 Scripps-Booth Bi-Autogo

1913 Scripps-Booth Bi-Autogo

Gilding the lily -- Love Mustangs, but wish they were a little flashier? Well, check out the one to your left: a 1967 model, tricked out with scissor doors and a retractable hard top, available for purchase on eBay. According to reports, it was built by Ben J. Smith, based on designs he'd pitched to Ford back in the 60s. Last we checked, the price was up to $8,100, and the reserve still hadn't been met--which means that we you still have time to submit a bid before the auction closes on May 11. [eBay via Carscoop]

Old skool -- The 1913 Scripps-Booth Bi-Autogo has a lot going on. For starters, it's a motorcycle with a V8 engine. Also: it weighs a ton and a half. And it has training wheels. But most importantly, it is seriously awesome. [Time via BoingBoing]

'Bout time -- Chrysler fiancée Fiat built a special van for Pope Benedict so he could cruise in style during his first tour of Abruzzi's earthquake-stricken areas. The vehicle came with a lot of very special security equipment, which is probably a good thing, since it took the guy over three weeks to squeeze the hour-and-a-half trip into his schedule. We're guessing some folks aren't really happy with him right now. [Edmunds]

Ego mania -- Did you guys catch Bob Lutz's blog post last Friday--the one where he blew up at David Letterman's interview with Tesla's Elon Musk? On the one hand, yeah, Letterman was probably out of line. (He's no Leno.) On the other hand, it sounds like a certain showman is tired of being out-shone. Touchy. [GMblogs]

Guide on the go -- Even with today's economic troubles, automakers are still cranking out lots of cars--so many that it's hard to keep track of them all. Luckily, veteran auto journo Jim Gorzelany has just made life a little easier by publishing The Automotive Intelligentsia 2009-2010 Sports Car Guide, which covers zippy vehicles from Chevrolet, Bugatti, and all points in-between. Best of all, it's available for the Kindle, as well as the iPhone and iPod Touch, so we can easily take it along next time we're shopping for cars we can't afford. [Amazon]

94 minutes of crack-ups -- Remember when that guy made that video of every curse word ever uttered on The Sopranos [obviously very NSFW]? Yeah, well, someone just did the same thing for a bunch of car crashes in WRC races. It's like an hour and a half of adrenaline, which is pretty perfect for a Monday, don'cha think? [GoogleVideo via Brian S.]

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