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Link Love From The Car Connection: Honda Insight Pulls Ahead, Tata Is Tops, And Another Elon Musk Meltdown In The Making

April 30, 2009
Nielsen tracks car chatter on Twitter

Nielsen tracks car chatter on Twitter

One horse town -- We were vaguely confused when we came across that high-tech horse wagon pic to your left. Turns out it's not, in fact, a vehicle for upscale Amish gentlemen, but rather a snazzy system for training horses. And also camels. [Kurtsystems via DRB]

That voice -- GPS manufacturers are finally following the lead of New York's taxi fleet and offering celebrity voices on their products. Most notably, as of May 15, Dale Earnhardt Jr. can tell you how to get to grandma's house. But will he keep you driving around in circles? [DetNews]

Hybrids head-to-head -- There's been a lot of buzz about the Honda Insight/Toyota Prius competition--in fact, Nielsen's even been charting it. Now there's interesting news from the U.K.: since the current Insight model went on sale in England this month, it's been outselling the Prius. Granted there's only a few weeks of data to look at, and things may change dramatically when the new Prius hits in July, and most importantly of all, the stats come from Honda itself. Still, who doesn't love a good scrap? [Carscoop]

Get your Tatas out -- Tata Motors knew its $2000 Nano was going to be a huge hit in India, which is probably why it limited pre-sales of the vehicle to the relatively small window of April 9 - 25. The strategy didn't help: the company is rumored to have received a million orders for the Nano. Worse: current production capacity, which is 50,000 per year. We should all be so loved. [Edmunds]

Le snob vert -- If you're one of the French elite, (a) bienvenue, and (b) you've probably already gotten a call about a new, top-secret real-estate development in your home country--one that's offering a free Tesla Roadster to each buyer of its 40 sites. If you haven't gotten the call...well, bienvenue to our world. [LeBlogAuto, iffy Google translation here]

Speaking of Tesla -- In a debate that promises to be just as lively as the one between Chevrolet and Carnegie Mellon University, the fearless folks at Business Insider have taken on Tesla and its fascinating loose-canon figurehead, Elon Musk. Specifically, they say there's no way the Tesla Model S can be profitable at its projected $57,400 sticker price. To which we can only hope Musk will respond, "Uh-huh!" [BusinessInsider via Autoblog]

Officer Very Friendly -- In non-motorized news, Danish police are giving out helmets to cyclists who don't have them. But first, each cyclist gets a hug. Personally, we think they're still giddy from all that Zenvo hype. [YouTube via BoingBoing]

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