Link Love From The Car Connection: Mercedes SLR Uglified, Ford Fusion Ekes Efficiency, And Trapped In A Winnebago With Patch Freakin' Adams

April 29, 2009
1950 Abarth

1950 Abarth

Yes, money can buy ugly -- The Gremlin may have been aesthetically challenged, but that kind of ugly ain't got nothing on a gold-plated, ruby-trimmed Mercedes SLR (look to your left). Apparently, the owner thought the base model was too humdrum, so he called up the tuners at Anliker and forked over $4 million to make it extra spicy. But y'know, as tacky as that crap is, the guy got what he wanted: attention. [AutoMotto]

Autoerotica -- We're still bitter about missing the Concorso d'El├ęganza Villa d'Este, but at least a few folks were able to make it. And they've taken pictures. Somebody set up the slide projector in the family room. [WorldCarFans]

Hell is other people -- If you were taking a trip in an RV, and you could choose one person to accompany you--anyone at all--who would it be? Lindsay Lohan? Jon Stewart? That fat kid from The Goonies? Well, America voted, and they chose...Robin Williams. Yes: Robin "Patch Adams" Williams. Who are you people, and what have you done with America? [PRNewswire]

Is nothing sacred? -- Ads are everywhere these days--hell, just look to the right, you'll see a few. But do you really want them blaring at you while you're trying to drive across town? The Ewing Autohaus Mercedes dealership in Dallas seems to think so. We think we'll opt-out. [MotorAuthority]

The great grandma experiment -- Remember when we told you about Ford's publicity stunt for the Fusion--the one where they tried to coax 1,000 miles of travel from one tank of gas. Turns out, they got almost 1,500 miles down the road before conking out. The bad news? It took 'em 69 hours to do that, meaning they traveled at a super-annoying grandma rate of under 22mph. [Jalopnik]

Zip clip -- We told you about the Zenvo months ago, and whaddaya know--it's finally here. Join us in celebrating the birth of the first Danish supercar by watching this clip of a guy driving it around. Chew on some butter cookies for maximum Scandinavian effect. [CarZi]

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