2011 Ford Fiesta: The Fiesta Movement's 5 Most Hypmotized Cult Members!

April 23, 2009
Euro-spec 2011 Ford Fiesta in New York City

Euro-spec 2011 Ford Fiesta in New York City

The 2011 Ford Fiesta is already a hit in Europe, and it's on its way to America early next year. Which might explain the YouTube videos, Twitter tweets, Facebook friends and other social media coming out of all your e-orifices with the tagline "Fiesta Movement."

If you haven't heard, the Fiesta Movement is Ford's way to get you ready for a $15,000 compact hatchback smaller than today's Focus. Instead of just shipping out cars and slapping a stock ad campaign on it, Ford's hitting the Interwebs with a well-funded effort to turn Gen Yers into free messengers. Like the guys who flip the strip cards at you in Vegas, but slicker.

Ford asked for video submissions and named 100 winners, who get use of a Fiesta for free for six months--provided they video about it, Tweet about it, Facebook about it, and tell their friends. It's like having a commercial integrated right into their lives! Our buddies over at Jalopnik have sort of scored two Fiestas from the movement (and maybe Ford should be more open about journalists getting into this group, says Transparency Guy) but most are more ordinary, less celebrated common folk.

The Movement's a massive experiment by Ford, steering around traditional media for a car that's smaller than anything they've sold a lot of since the 1970s. Credit Jim Farley, the Ford marketing guy who came from Scion, for injecting some life into the brand most famous for "Quality is Job One" and other ripping yarns. And it's a good look at the kind of people who would do anything to reach the D-list of celebrity. There are some entrancing characters in the group. Okay, make that "should be surveiled."

It's still not an objective review, though--something you'll have to come back for when Ford finally hands over the keys for real test drives of EPA-legal cars. Our own gravel-toned skeptic John Voelcker drove the 2011 Ford Fiesta in Euro-spec trim in Manhattan earlier this month, but our full-boat, American-spec megareview is still to come.

Until then, here's a video shot of five Fiesta Movement entries for your day--turn down the volume so your cubemates won't get offended, but these are totally work-safe:

Here's Dead Unicorn, an "apocalyptic two-piece band from upstate New York." Think Wayne's World with Flip Mino HDs, facial hair and surprising access to a green screen. You'll see some low-budget Dave Horkheimer influences in their backdrops. Bottom line: they want free stuff. And they won, so we'll be seeing more.

This one features Becca from Kansas City and she wants a Fiesta. Ostensibly, so she can find her way to a coast--either East or West--and return Tina Fey's glasses. Becca tosses in nice stop-action transitions around her current-day Focus and marvy state-shaped drop-in graphics. She'll probably Tweet about it. The Sarah Palin accent will get her nowhere with her target demographic of 30 Rock watchers/HuffPo readers/sarcasm enthusiasts but she did get a Fiesta for six months.

Film student Michael Aranda goes meta with his video clip, making fun of other video auteurs who "like Fiestas" and "like parties" and by corollary, "like Mexicans" and apparently, like Jesus. He does hint he's "well versed in the art of stick shift," which turns out to be a Ninja-type move and not at all what we were expecting. He gets bonus points, though, for reminding us a little of Automobile Magazine's West Coast editor and American Idol Jonathan Lambert. He won.

Brace yourself. ShakeMango is Nick and Tyler! Who knew guys with a fondness for the green (paint! we mean paint!) could get a whole 4-minute video together--complete with hand gestures? What is it about musicians wanting free cars? And why are headbands still seen as street cred, no matter how skinny? They're emblematic of a whole generation of Seth Rogen knockoffs--or maybe Seth Rogan is merely the surfacing of a generational meme. Either way, this is the Citizen Kane of Fiesta Movement videos.

Not everyone's a winner. This guy needs a talk. This ain't a Craigslist ad! Bring down the intensity! He's a "driving Ninja," and yet has the mannered Barenaked Ladies look and sagging pants that pegs him as a role model for suburban angst. C'mon Ford, give this guy a car!

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