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Link Love From The Car Connection: Mercedes Goes Blue, Gold Porsche Goes Missing, We Go Nuts Watching A Bus Make A U-Turn

April 19, 2009
Gold-plated Porsche 996 Turbo Cabriolet

Gold-plated Porsche 996 Turbo Cabriolet

Van repurposed as a wood-fired boiler

Van repurposed as a wood-fired boiler

  • Tinseltown car tech -- Mercedes has launched a new campaign touting its BlueTEC vehicles and the Hollywood types who love 'em. Presumably, said types are happy to drive clean diesel autos, but given Sheryl Crow's expression in that publicity shot, we're not really sure. Please back away from the botulinum, m'am. [MBusa]
  • Headline to follow -- Here's a nifty news bite: "Ford Motor Co. is offering dealers in its development program, who are mainly black or Hispanic, the chance to buy their stores for $1.... In exchange for the $1, Ford will give up its remaining ownership interest in the store and forgive the dealer's capital loans." Expect more details today. [Autonews, sub req'd]
  • In Russia, ride pimps you -- Okay, so not only was some guy in Moscow ridonkulous enough to cover his Porsche 996 in wee plates of gold, but when he went to sell it, he just handed an interested buyer the keys for a test drive and waited for the guy to come back. Shocker: dude never came back. [Autogespot]
  • A man, a van, a boiler -- Sometimes, TCC staffers find themselves following really weird leads that lead down the wrong rabbit hole--so wrong that they turn out to be totally right. Case in point: last week, when someone stumbled upon a truly dreadful PowerPoint presentation from the EPA about wood-fired boilers and the damage they do to the environment. On the surface, it'd seem like that has nothing to do with cars, but check the pic to the left to see what some daredevil plumber has done to an old cargo van. At least he (or she) gets an "A" for recycling. [PDF at, via JV]
  • Obit -- Sad news for autoerotica fans: J. G. Ballard--the author of Crash and Concrete Island, among many other works--died over the weekend. Although he wrote beautifully about modern disaffectation, we're deeply affected by his passing. [TimesOnline]
  • But what if the chair is broke? -- Aerons are yesterdays news: real gearhead deskjockeys need a Recaro office chair. Only problem comes when two collide during inter-office dragraces. Lucky for you, someone now sells replacement parts. Go team Accounts Receivable! [Racechairs]
  • Perfect Monday video -- Ever been motoring through a parking lot and had to wait for some idiot to back out of a parking spot? We think that feeling of "For crap's sake, will you hurry it up?" is nicely summed up in this endless clip of a bus making a U-turn on a bridge with no guardrails. Just because we know you love Mondays as much as we do. [YouTube, via Carscoop]

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