Link Love From The Car Connection: $2.30 Summertime Gas, Plus Vids Of Maserati GranTurismo MC, Electric Racecars, And Crazy Lady Drivers

April 16, 2009
Autobot Bumblebee from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

Autobot Bumblebee from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

  • He said, she said-- Remember when Tesla's Elon Musk called that New York Times reporter "a douchebag...and an idiot"? Remember the journalist who was interviewing him at the time--how she sort of giggled her way through it? Well, Sarah Lacy's colleagues are calling foul on her. And still no one's called us douchebags yet. No respect, we tell you, no respect. [Observer]
  • Zuckerberg vs. Murdoch -- Facebook's growth has been outpacing MySpace for a while (yo, join our Facebook fan page here!), but auto advertisers haven't made the switch yet. What will the future hold? We dunno, but we love looking at charts. [Nielsen]
  • Planning ahead -- You may not know it, but the U.S. Energy Department has a statistical unit called the Energy Information Administration, and they're saying that gas will top out at $2.30 this summer. Which is higher than it is now, but jeezums pete, remember last August? [USAToday]
  • Brits go AC/DC -- As of 2011, U.K. residents will receive incentives of £2,000 - £5,000 (roughly $3,000 - $7,500) to purchase vehicles that run "entirely or almost entirely on electricity". Just thought you'd like to know. [Autocar]
  • And just in time for the new Camaro -- GM presumably paid big bucks to be featured in the new Transformers movie. Unfortunately, the General isn't currently in the position to help promote the film the way that Paramount Pictures had hoped. Is anyone surprised? [Detnews]
  • Cell block -- Worried about your kid/spouse/father yapping on the phone while they're at the wheel? There's a new key-based invention that may fix that on the cheap. Your relatives' taste in music, however, remains entirely your problem. [KickingTires]
  • Ménage à trois, on video --  A bouquet of nifty videos fell into our lap overnight, and we couldn't decide which one to share, so we're giving you three: one of a zippy electrified 1972 Datsun, one of the brand spankin' new Maserati GranTurismo MC, and one of a crazy lady driver in a Scion xB. You're welcome.[AutoMotto, Pressportal, Carscoop]

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