Link Love From The Car Connection: Mercedes Sneak Peak, Rally For Rentals, And What Is Up With All These Pod Things?

April 14, 2009
Varun Niti Singh's Concept DOT

Varun Niti Singh's Concept DOT

  • Looking for something fun to do this summer? How's about signing up for the annual Rental Car Rally, which will run this June from San Francisco to Yuma, Arizona. Clearly a race of a different sort, points are awarded for low odometer readings, team style, and "random tomfoolery" (e.g. getting arrested for public indecency). Schwag bags include energy drinks and condoms, so be sure to bring the kids. [PSFK via Piers & JV]
  • Like the GM/Segway PUMA? Then you're probably going to love Varun Niti Singh's Concept DOT. The pod-like vehicles--obviously intended for navigating city streets and habitrails--run on three wheels and and electromagnetic motors. Weirdest feature? The doors can be removed so that vehicles can be attached to one another, creating a "toilet paper tube" effect. Which sounds just...awesome. [AutoMotto]
  • Good news: Standard & Poor has upgraded Ford's credit rating. Bad news: S&P has a low opinion of the company's future. Sometimes maybe it's better to say nothing at all.  [DetNews]
  • How's your Monday? Good? We bet we can make it better--with a little autopr0nography featuring the stars of the 2010 Mercedes-Benz S Class, some innocuous European scenery, and some John Williams-inspired Musak. Trust us. [Carscoop]

  • Watching Elon Musk whine about the New York Times is funny. Seeing Hitler whine about Tesla is even funnier. [Autobloggreen]

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