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Link Love From The Car Connection: Feds Go Green, Corker Uncorks, And Volkswagen's PR Team Hits Overdrive

April 10, 2009
Volkswagen Polo Challenge for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Volkswagen Polo Challenge for the iPhone and iPod Touch

Senator Bob Corker in Detroit

Senator Bob Corker in Detroit

  • Following through -- The feds have announced plans to spend $285 million from Obama's $787 billion stimulus bill on 17,600 fuel-efficient vehicles from Detroit's Big Three. Included in the mix will be hybrid sedans, natural gas and hybrid buses, plus a few all-electric vehicles, though anything that earns 10% better mileage than the vehicle it's replacing is fair game. Looks like someone's putting his money where his mouth is--and even the dirtiest money has to taste better than foot. [DetNews]
  • His uppance has come -- Remember Republican Senator Bob Corker from Tennessee? The one who's done nothing but complain about the Big Three and the UAW and the bailout? Well, he's living in Ironyville this week, freaked out because GM is threatening to close its plant in Spring Hill, Tennessee. You can't make this stuff up, people. [Freep]
  • Japan joins in -- The list of nations riding the stimulus package/"Cash for Clunkers" bandwagon is growing: Japan has launched a $154 billion initiative, which includes a clunker program that'll provide incentives of $2,500 for anyone replacing a car that's over 13 years old. That's weaker than many similar programs, but stronger than a few we could name. [AutoNews sub req'd]
  • Moving (the) up! -- Volkswagen is mulling the idea of launching its up! minicar concept in the U.S. On the one hand, smaller cars haven't typically sold well stateside, but on the other hand, nothing's selling well stateside these days. Sounds like VW's taking the spaghetti approach to marketing: if they keep throwing stuff into the marketplace, something will eventually stick. [MotorAuthority]
  • Good Friday games -- In other VW news, the company has launched two videogames for the iPhone and iPod Touch--one for the Polo and one for the European-based Seat Cupra. In our not-so-humble opinions, both trump the Audi game we mentioned Wednesday, and the Polo version is a nifty marketing tool, too: after a lap or two, you can look up the location of the nearest VW dealer. Here's a clip of some gameplay, plus some footage of the real-life Polo unveiling--you know, just in case you're a dance major and you're wondering about career options. [Edmunds]

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