Link Love From The Car Connection: Deuce Folds, Big Limo Bob Speaks, And A Tesla 'Test Drive' FAIL

April 9, 2009
Big Limo Bob

Big Limo Bob

  • Deuce goes down -- Former NFL star Deuce McAllister punted on his Nissan dealership back in March when he declared bankruptcy, but he hadn't formally given up his inventory until yesterday. No word on how the hand-off might affect his $6.9 million debt to Nissan's finance arm, but since Deuce's annual salary would've been $7 million in the NFL...well, you can do the math, but can he? [Autonews, sub req'd]
  • Aimee Mullins' nightmare -- You see that pic to the left? The one of the deskjockey standing in an unusually large vacuum cleaner? That's a new device from Exmovere Holdings called the Chariot: "a self-balancing, hands free concept vehicle which is a wearable, sensor-activated pod designed for use by amputees and others who have difficulty standing." We're all for helping the disabled, but can the Dr. Who nerds in the hiz-ouse give me an "EXTERMINATE"? [LikeCool via AutoMotto]
  • New attitude -- The New York Times has run a few short and snarky "overheard" items from the New York Motor Show. The best so far? "Flat is the new up", which has something to do with sales stats in These Economic Times. Someone's getting saucy in her old age--maybe the Gray Lady's on the lookout for younger, virile readers? [NYTimes]
  • News snooze -- Put on the party hats and call up the strippers: it's time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the three-point safety belt, invented by Volvo in...zzzzZZZZwhahuhwhoWHAT? How long were we out? [PRNewswire]
  • Go big -- In the not-so-sleepy-news department, we've received word that Limo Bob--Guinness World Record-holding designer of Corvette and Boeing limousines--is available for interviews. Presumably, that's because of his plans for the immediate future: "I will have my 40 foot long escalade travel every state in the USA and visit orphanages and children hospitals to give them a ride for an hour or so, then they will be able to feel like a star and make them smile, then off to the next city. [sic throughout]" Even better, there's a video. Say it with us, folks: holy freakin' awesome! [LimoBob]

  • "Test drive" FAIL -- We love our friends at TechCrunch. Really, we do. But we feel obligated to explain the finer points of reviewing vehicles--namely, that 60 seconds of cruising a parking lot in a Tesla Model S doesn't really count as a "test drive". We're not joking: check this video of the drive, which begins around the 1:15 mark and ends almost exactly one minute later. [TechCrunch]

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