Link Love From The Car Connection: 2009 Scion xB Walkaround, Man Defeats Lambo Diablo, Plus The Fast And The Bi-Curious

April 7, 2009
James Bond's Lotus Esprit

James Bond's Lotus Esprit

  • Another gift shop for you -- James Bond fans have reason to celebrate: a collector in Cumbria, England has just opened a James Bond Museum, featuring Bond's Mustang from Diamonds Are Forever and his Lotus Esprit Turbo from The Spy Who Loved Me. Also on display: the Octopus from Octopussy. Let the James Bond Museum in Sweden try to top that. [BBC]
  • Saab may be loved after all -- GM's red-headed stepchild, Saab, is due to be orphaned at the beginning of next year, but according to the New York Times, almost two dozen prospective parents have been filling out adoption paperwork. Still unanswered: how many of those folks have cashola to pay for the kid. [NYTimes]
  • Modular mods -- Tuners and tinkerers, here's a little eyecandy you can appreciate: a walkaround tour of the Scion xB, which, as we all know, was made for people just like you. The kit on this one is pretty sweet, but we have issues with describing iPod connectivity as its "killer app". What is this--like, 2006? [YouTube, via Scion]

  • Seth and Andy do it again -- Fans love Fast & Furious so much that it earned more than $72 million its opening weekend. That's better than any other film in 2009, and probably better than Kevin Costner's last six or seven features combined. Of course, naturally, any flick that's so over-the-top is ripe for parody, and far be it from SNL to pass up the opportunity. Thanks to NBC's poor understanding of new media, the YouTube post below will probably be pulled down any second, so we're giving you the Hulu link, too. You're welcome.  [YouTube, Hulu, via WorldCarFans]

  • Crazy in a good way -- Animation is pretty common these days, even in car commercials, but the folks at Acura teamed up with Ben Foley and Chris Hopewell from Collision Films to create something pretty unique, not to mention mind boggling. Seriously, these people are nuts--but in a way that most of our drunk-dialing friends aren't. [m80im, via Collision Films]

  • Man defeats Lambo, retains biceps -- And finally, for no good reason, here's a clip of a man holding outpowering a Lamborghini with his own raw strength for seven pretty awesome seconds. Most interesting: (a) the stunt went through two Lambos, since the first ran through its clutch, and  (b) dude walked away from the track with his arms still in their sockets. Not a bad showing. [YouTube via AutoMotto]

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