Link Love From The Car Connection: Hyundai's Bet Pays Off, A Lambo Goes Blammo, And Camaro Drops Top After All

March 24, 2009
2009 Nissan Cube

2009 Nissan Cube

  • No squares for the Cube -- Nissan has recruited marketing students from ten American universities to draft campaigns for the company's new Cube. Apparently, the company's concerned that old fuddy-duddies on Mad Ave won't be able to speak the hip, new jive required to reach today's 20something buyers. And we have to agree: it'll take clever wordplay to pitch a car that looks like the illegitimate offspring of the Yellow Submarine and grandma's Frigidaire. [Autoweek]
  • Today in consumer psychology -- You know the Hyundai Assurance program that's garnered so much publicity and helped Hyundai to stay in positive sales territory? Turns out, no one's taken up the company on its offer to take back cars or help make car payments if an owner loses his/her job. Maybe people just like a goodwill gesture now and then? [KickingTires]
  • Looks like we spoke too soon -- Remember how we told you yesterday that plans for a Camaro Convertible had been shelved? Well, it looks like Chevy's doing the backstroke, insisting that drop-tops will hit the lots in 2011. The Z28 and four-cylinder versions, though? Still down for the count. [MotorAuthority]
  • No more C02 for you -- The EPA was given the authority to regulate greenhouse gases a couple of years back, and it looks like the agency is about ready to use that authority in a big way by declaring carbon dioxide a public health danger. We know what that'll mean for automakers, but what will it mean for people who insist on exhaling? [DetNews]
  • Scrapping over scrapping -- Not everyone's happy about the "Cash for Clunkers" legislation winding its way through congress (finally posted in full at the Library of Congress). Among the most vehement opponents? The people who make a living repairing old cars. Can't everybody come out a winner, y'all. [PRNewswire]
  • Baby has no more back -- We're not sure whether to laugh or cry at this footage of a Lamborghini Murcielago that's taken a whuppin' to the keester. According to reports, the accident took place in Russia, where the driver lost control of the car and hit a pole. (He was fine.) As unsavory as the damage is, some on the TCC staff were shocked to see just two measly airbags deployed in the cabin--but then, we're guessing that the majority of people who buy such high-speed d-bag toys have other things to think about besides living to see another day. [Carscoop]

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