2010 Volkswagen GTI Details

April 17, 2009
Volkswagen has dropped a ton of new information about the upcoming version of the GTI, the most important thing comes on page 2 where the announcement is made that we will be able to get our hands on it here in the U.S. by late summer which can't come soon enough.  The press release covered a wide array of features and extras, some of which I doubt we will see on the U.S. version, that give it a leg up on previous models all the while looking better than its predecessors.  So without further ado here's what I found after sifting through all the quotes that make it sound like the 2010 Volkswagen GTI is the second coming of Jesus or something.

The 2010 Volkswagen GTI is based on the upcoming Golf VI recently introduced in Europe and on its way here in a year or two. We get a bump in power pushing it to 210 hp and about 210 lb-ft, the latter being fully on tap starting at 1,700rpm and staying there until it starts dropping off around 5,200rpm which should make this a relatively lag free turbocharged engine. The transmission is a 6 speed manual and the DSG auto is also available.  Both transmissions will get you to 60mph in 6.9 seconds and pull to the top speed of 150mph.

If a corner impedes your progress Volkswagen has equipped it with a long list of acronyms which will help you do everything you could ever want it to do including ASR, ESP, XDS, ACC, and DCC all on a GTI with DSG, awesome. They are covered in detail below but in short they give the 2010 Volkswagen GTI improved handling characteristics, additional stability control, adaptive cruise control, and tunable steering and suspension settings. They’ve also added a new self parking feature as well as the more familiar Hill Hold and ParkPilot which keeps you from bumping into things in parking lots.

ASR is your run of the mill traction control keeping you from being pulled over for doing smoky burnouts every time you leave KFC and merge into rush hour traffic.

ESP is pretty familiar on Volkswagens, it is a basic stability control system to keep you out of the trees if things get a bit slippery.

XDS is an evolution of the electronic limited slip differential used in the previous model which allows the ESP system to compensate for the traditional understeer common in front wheel drive cars to give it more neutral handling in the twisties.

ACC is adaptive cruise control which works from low speeds of around 20 mph up to 130 mph.  So unless traffic grinds to a complete halt the laser guided system will keep you at a safe distance from anyone in front of you.

DCC handles adjustments to the suspension and steering. It does a lot of its work behind the scenes adjusting the suspension just a bit under acceleration or hard cornering while keeping the suspension a bit softer when it isn’t needed. There are settings for Normal, Sport, and Comfort which change the overall responsiveness of the suspension and in Sport mode the steering is also adjusted to give the driver “greater dynamic responsiveness”.

Park Assist is designed to park the car in a parallel parking space for you and now allows the car to negotiate to within 4 feet of obstacles before getting scared and making you take over. Unlike some other systems that park for you like valets or Lexus that just asks you to sit back and watch, Volkswagen wants you to be in charge of the gas and brake and it merely steers for you which is still quite helpful if you have difficulty pulling into a parallel parking space. The press information indicates that this optional nicety gives you ParkPilot and Hill Hold as part of the package just to make sure you are extra safe.

That’s it for the mechanical bits and pieces of the 2010 Volkswagen GTI and we are compiling our thoughts on the styling changes which will be posted soon. Although I said it earlier I will say it again, we will probably not get all these features here in the U.S. but I do hope to see most of them.  If you can’t wait till summer the 2009 Volkswagen GTI is out there and still a great car that you can read tons about here at VolkswagenReviews.com

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