Link Love From The Car Connection: Nardelli Speaks To CNBC, Leno Speaks to eBay, And A Former Auto Employee Sings His Little Heart Out

March 18, 2009
Bob Nardelli speaks to CNBC

Bob Nardelli speaks to CNBC

  • A gentle reminder -- Yo, peeps: the clock is ticking on our 2010 Toyota Prius schwag giveaway. All you have to do is leave a comment on this post; we'll do the rest. So easy, even someone crunked up on another kind of swag bag can do it.
  • Not so funny -- Remember that Jay Leno gig we told you about--the free one he's doing for Detroit's unemployed? Well, some enterprising folks in the Motor City are eBaying their tickets to the sold-out show for up to $800 a pop. Leno has added a second performance and asked eBay to pull the lots, but we can't help wondering: if an unemployed autoworker is making cash off those tickets...well, isn't that something Leno would want? [NYTimes]
  • Wanna hear it? Here it goes. -- Anxiety and turmoil can make people do crazy things, like compulsive shopping or stress-eating or writing songs in the vein of mid-career Dylan. We've got the first two covered, but for the last one we turn to Greg W. Miles and his ditty, "Didn't Quit My Day Job, It Quit Me". Hey, the guy's gotta do something with his spare time. [118interactivedesign via PRnewswire]
  • Nardelli, the nudge -- On the surface of this clip, it looks like Chrysler frontman Bob Nardelli is speaking with CNBC. In reality, he's clearly speaking to President Obama's auto team and, ahem, just, you know, reminding Mr. Rattner & Co. that Chrysler really needs that $5 billion it requested back in February, and if it's not too much trouble, they kinda need it by the end of the month. [Freep]

  • Adwatch, round two -- Based on a handful of comments and emails, yesterday's "Buy American" clip wasn't a runaway hit with discerning readers like yourselves. We're not sure this British one about road safety is any better, but at least it gets the point across without clunky references to TV ads from the 80s. [CreativeReview]

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