Link Love From The Car Connection: Electric Bikes, Mulally's $5 Mill, And Arizona Is Kinkier Than We Thought

March 17, 2009
EV-o RR electric motorcycle by Evo Designs

EV-o RR electric motorcycle by Evo Designs

  • Non-St. Paddy's Day greenness-- BMW and Fiat are partnering on a new line of green city cars, due out in 2012. However, BMW brand MINI will beat both to the punch in 2011 with a snazzy new model series that boasts high-tech gas engines and a fully electric option. Innovation doesn't come cheap though, with expected starting prices around £20,000. [Autoexpress]
  • Cycle-o-rama -- Also in the £20,000 range: Evo Designs' zippy EV-o RR motorcycle. How zippy? It hits 60mph in less than four seconds--on an electric engine. Technically it's not a production model, but if you're first in line after the TTXGP zero-emissions grand prix this June, you might just nab it. [Wired]
  • Arizona likes to watch -- The Grand Canyon State is taking a Big Brother approach to traffic control by putting 60 new stationary cams and 40 camera vans into service this calendar year. Not all residents are fans of the plan--as demonstrated by the driver who took a pickaxe to one of the cams. We like to imagine him hopping from foot to foot like that spunky Yosemite Sam the kids all love to watch. [NYTimes]
  • Things that make you go WTF? -- News that AIG is planning to shell out in $450 million in bonuses hasn't sat well with most folks. We're gonna go out on a limb and assume that news of Ford giving CEO Alan Mulally $5 million in stock options may cause a similar uproar. But you know, we're optimists that way. [Autocar]
  • Video lagniappe -- Feel really strongly about buying American vehicles? Well, Avalon Films, Milagro Post, and a bevy of concerned citizens are here to back you up with a vaguely clever viral clip. We can appreciate the ad's sentiment, but we're guessing the humor might be lost on buyers too young to remember the original commercial it's spoofing. [YouTube]

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