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Link Love From The Car Connection: BMW/Daimler Marriage Off, Workers Show GM The Love, And Grave-bound Gearheads Go In Style

March 16, 2009
Burial in Benin by Xeni Jardin

Burial in Benin by Xeni Jardin

  • Die-hard car fans eventually die -- In America, people occasionally get buried in their cars. In Benin, people occasionally get buried in car-shaped coffins. Gearheads are gearheads, wherever you go. Can we all just get along now? [BoingBoing]
  • Monday morning mystery -- Way back in 1963, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth said, "I am going to build a car that will be irresistible to women... They will want to climb on it, scratch the paint and just crawl all over it." What he built instead was a big blue pile of failed awesomeness called the Orbitron, which eventually disappeared, then reappeared in 2007 in front of a Mexican sex shop. The (possibly cursed) car's long, wacky, history is a great cautionary tale and a great way to ease into Monday. [Iowahawk]
  • Worker love -- Chrysler may have gotten the smackdown after taking out full-page newspaper ads thanking the American public for its support of the (then-Bush) bailout plan.GM's getting the reverse treatment, with one family purchasing a billboard to thank the company for its years of operation. Maybe if those guys take on all of GM's advertising, the General can stay in the black. [Detnews]
  • Lost in translation -- Chinese automaker Great Wall has been testing its new "Wingle" turbodiesel pickup on the highways and byways of Malaysia. Apparently the name is a combo of "wind" and "eagle". We can't wait to hear John Ashcroft belt out the jingle. [Paultan]
  • Quandts aren't quitters -- Susanne Klatten prevails again! Not only did the semi-gullible gigolo junkie see her former bedmate sent to jail last week, but she and the rest of the Quandt family put the kabosh on stock-swap plans brewing between BMW and Daimler. What's all this talk about Quandt never could? [Edmunds]
  • On the bright side, there may be less traffic -- For the first time in half a century, the number of cars on American roadways will likely shrink. That's because automakers are expecting to sell around 10 million vehicles in 2009, but 14 million others will likely hit the scrap heap. Don't worry too much, though: your morning commute will probably remain annoying for many years to come. [MotorAuthority]
  • Just put your bathrobe on backwards -- We love to tell you what to drive and how to drive, but we don't usually tell you what to wear. However, just in case you were wondering: no, Snuggies aren't appropriate for driving. Snuggies aren't appropriate, period. [Autoblog]
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