Link Love From The Car Connection: Detroit In Pictures, Self-Healing Paint Jobs, And Car Wraps, Japanese Style

March 13, 2009
Itasha car photographed by Danny Choo

Itasha car photographed by Danny Choo

  • Pretty city -- Despite the hits Detroit has endured in recent months, there are plenty of people willing to take those lemons and make lemonade--and by "lemonade", we mean sumptuous, four-color photographs of the city's former industrial glory. She may look a little rough around the edges, but we've always has a weakness for the ones who've been around the block. [Reliques, via JPD]
  • Set it and forget it -- From extreme Botox to nanotechnology, there's a lot of talk about "smart tools" to keep people young and healthy. The auto equivalent has been discovered by folks at the University of Southern Mississippi: self-healing car paint. Victory over the shopping cart empire is at hand, people. [Discovery via AutoMoto]
  • A much-needed jolt -- Also on the scientific discovery front, the smarty-pants staff of MIT have found a way to cut the charge times on lithium-ion batteries by 90%. We may not understand the molecular dynamics involved, but we know it's good news for electric car fans. And they could use some good news right about now. [AutoWeek]
  • Japan's crazy car culture -- Here in America, wrapping has become a part of the urban landscape. (Not on par with rapping yet, but give it time.) In Japan, however, there's the "Itasha", or "painful car", which "comes from the feeling that one would usually be painfully embarrassed to drive around in one." Danny Choo has posted the anime-themed madness for all to see. [DannyChoo (note: image-heavy) via BoingBoing]
  • Camping for hipsters -- What do you get when you merge an American icon with one from the U.K.? Correct answers include (a) the Douglas/Zeta-Jones kids, and (b) the new Mini Cooper/Airstream pairing, yenta-ed by Republic of Fritz Hansen. Everyone's a winner. [Autoblog]
  • Music video lagniappe -- Gary Numan's video for "Cars" doesn't do much for cars. Fluorescent lights, maybe. Clown-white makeup, perhaps. But definitely not cars. Still, the song is called "Cars" and we're "TheCarConnection" so we're gonna let it roll. [YouTube]

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