Chrysler Town & Country: Do Families Really Swivel the Seats?

March 24, 2009
If any minivan could get me to think about driving one again, it's the 2008 Chrysler Town & Country. Chrysler's minivans seem to have a rollercoaster history, starting with being the savior of Chrysler in the '80s, then sinking into the despair of dismal quality ratings.

It looks like the Town & Country rescues Chrysler from the image of "cheap" with an engine that beats the Honda Odyssey by a full second in the zero-to-60 race and an interior that has reviewers drooling.

The star that steals the show is the Swivel 'n Go seats. I wasn't even remotely curious about this feature until a friend of mine mentioned playing Euchre during sometimes long drives Up North. Now you have my attention. And what's with this console that slides between the front and second rows? Slide those juice boxes back, please!

Safety is not only covered in the Town & Country, it scored 9 of 10 from The Car Connection. Performance? Got it. Mixed reviews on the plastic panels that cover up the technical bits inside remind me of one thing I hated about the Chevrolet Venture. When hubby started using it to haul door panels and tooling thingys between manufacturing facilities, the pieces would slide and invariably break those plastic panels. You can't get any uglier than that, so I'm inclined to think that anything is better than broken.

Overall, The Car Connection gave the Chrysler Town & Country a score of 8.2. Features? A 10. Styling? No surprise at 7. I'm a little confused at the 7 score for comfort and quality, but I think the ding is due to those plastic panels. Those swiveling seats got rave reviews for comfort. This might be one place where combining comfort and quality into one score hurts the Town & Country.

But, I have to ask... is it worth giving up my dislike of minivans to take advantage of multiple DVD screens, Sirius TV, 13 cup holders and more 12-volt outlets than my boys can use to power Game Boy devices? I'd love to hear from you.

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