Link Love From The Car Connection: Fast & Furious, Fastest Cars Of 2009, And Tawny Kitaen, America's Beloved Fast Girl

March 6, 2009
Riding a motorcycle makes you smarter

Riding a motorcycle makes you smarter

Break out the Snoopy Dance, y'all: it's officially Friday.

  • Hog brains -- The inventor of the popular "Brain Age" games asked 11 men to ride motorcycles for two months. Afterward, the test subjects showed a 50% increase in cognitive skills. So can we require  politicians, doctors, and Intern Bob to ride Harleys for the rest of their lives? Helmet laws optional for Bob. [HellforLeather via Automotto]
  • Zippity-doo-dah -- If you're the type of person who gets into fast cars--and we're pretty sure you are--you might want to check out the ten fastest cars in the world. Surprisingly, the TCC K-car didn't make the cut. [Autoweek]
  • Miracles on 42nd -- Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants a more walkable New York City. His "Green Light for Times Square" project aims to make Midtown more pedestrian-friendly, in stark constrast to the pederast-friendly Red Light regions of yesteryear. [Edmunds]
  • Calling the lookee-loos -- Fast & Furious won't arrive at your local dodecaplex until April 3, but if you're in L.A., you can catch a sneak peak of the, ahem, stars on the red carpet at the world premiere next Thursday. No, we don't think you'll look like a loser waiting to get Vin Diesel's autograph. Why do you ask? [PRNewswire]
  • Howard Hughes watch 2009 -- We hate to bust on a man when he's down...oh, who are we kidding? That's the best time! And given the paranoid mind games Elon Musk is playing with his Tesla staff, it looks like he's on his way to the sub-sub-basement. (Again.) At this rate, he'll be wearing Kleenex-box slippers by Sunday night. [Gawker]
  • Speaking of Hollywood -- Actors love to talk the eco-talk, but it's much harder for them to walk the eco-walk when the film industry generates almost as much CO2 as the hotel and apparel sectors. And lets not talk about all the hot air some of 'em keep pumping into the atmosphere. (Lookin' at you, Cloons.) [NYTimes]
  • Test scoot -- You might recall that a couple of months back, we mentioned that the three-wheeled Auto Moto scooter ("a golf cart for supermodels") would be hitting stores in February. Apparently? Didn't happen. But it's coming soon, and we've got the test-drive video to prove it. [GadgetReview]


  • It's Friday, and here at Stalag TCC, the weather is beautiful. In our book, that can only mean one thing: it's time for a little Whitesnake. Specifically: Whitesnake's video for "Here I Go Again", featuring Tawny Kitaen and her inimitable, unforgettable, Car Dance of Love. Suit up in your best acid wash and rock the hizzy, yo. [YouTube].

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