Link Love From The Car Connection: A Real Fiat 500 For A Plastic Cougar, Citroën Plods Along, And More Euro Car Bashing

March 4, 2009
A Fiat 500 for Barbie\'s birthday

A Fiat 500 for Barbie

Did you know that Wednesday was named for the Anglo-Saxon god Woden, who spent his time escorting dead people to the afterworld? Those Angles and Jutes: such "up" people.

  • The bizatch has everything now -- We're going to miss Mattel's 50th birthday party for Barbie® in Milan next week. That means we'll miss the big moment when Fiat gives America's best-known cougar a pink-toned, blinged-out Fiat 500. Even worse: we're going to miss Nena's celebratory performance. Sad, because we'd really love them stretch "99 Luft Balons" into a three-hour rock opera--c'mon, what else are they gonna play? [Autoblog]
  • Off a cliff -- Tired of bad news? Well take a gander at the February 2009 sales figures for pickup trucks. See? That's not bad news--that's just plain awful. [PickupTrucks]
  • Stop. Just stop. -- We think we've made our position on the Citroën DS abundantly clear: old model = awesome, new DS Inside concept with inexplicably pink roof = not awesome. Leave that color scheme to Barbie and get back to the drawing board--vite-vite, s'il vous plait. [WorldCarFans]
  • Punchline unnecessary -- Sometimes, the jokes just write themselves--like when a faulty driver wrecks windows at an Apple store. We don't believe it wasn't a fatal exception error. [Gizmodo]
  • Hate the player, not his toys -- A month or so ago, we told you about the Jamiroquai song "Black Devil Car" that Jay Kay wrote about his Ferrari Enzo. Well, bring out the hankies, because the poor thing has been vandalized! Don't worry, though: at about £7,000, the injuries aren't life-threatening. In tribute, we'll repost the video below, plus a TV tour of Jay Kay's car collection, which shows that he's not as much of a douchebag as we thought--though to be fair, we kind of assumed the worst. In the meantime: Europeans, lay off the schmancy cars. Sheesh. This is why we can't have nice things. [Jalopnik]

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