Link Love From The Car Connection: Flying Car Concepts, Lambo Coloring Books, And Happy Birthday To A Giant Among Men

March 3, 2009
Audi Shark Concept by Kazim Doku

Audi Shark Concept by Kazim Doku

We have nothing to say about Tuesdays. Well, we do, but our lawyers can be so picky. Slander, schmander, on to the links:

  • That's Ms. Greasemonkey to you -- We may be losing one female mechanic to the boob tube (ahem), but there are plenty more still in the trenches. Case in point: San Francisco's Carolyn Coquillette, proprietor of Luscious Garage and general badass when it comes to turning garden-variety Priuses into plug-ins. Check her out in the 2009 Female Mechanics Calendar--she's Ms. June, but we wouldn't call her that to her face. [AllAboutPrius]
  • Not resting on his laurels -- TCC would like to give a big shout-out to international rallying superstar Erik Carlsson, who turns 80 today. Carlsson's a charmer who's been setting records for half a century, and today, he's set another: as he's still employed by Saab, he's the company's longest serving employee. Surely that merits a Hee-Haw style SA-LUT! They watch Hee-Haw over there, right? [GM]
  • Staying inside the yellow lines -- Summer's fast approaching, and with it, the end of school--which means, of course, that you'll soon have to find something for the tykes to do while you go about your regular routine. How's about sending 'em down to the rumpus room with the soon-to-be-published Cars Coloring Pages - Lamborghini Coloring Book? Heck, they've gotta learn about Lambos sometime; wouldn't you rather it come from you? [LetMeColor]
  • Even better than The Jetsons -- What with all the Geneva madness flooding the interwebz, everyone's looking ahead. However, none of those folks in Swiss Miss Land are quite as fashion-forward as Kazim Doku, who's envisioned a total, literal flight of fancy: the Audi Shark, a flying car. No word on how the damn thing works, but check the video and join us in wishing that the future would just get here, already. [AutoMotto]

  • Bonjour, tristesse -- Okay, enough looking forward. Let's reverse course and take a moment to look backward--way backward. Not only do we almost remember this ad for Bonjour Jeans, but we're almost able to identify the car. Anyone want to take a gander? We're fresh out of swag, but if you get it right, we can offer you the satisfaction of showing your age to thousands of complete internet strangers. [thanks JP, YouTube]

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