Link Love From The Car Connection: The Bugatti Veyron, Your Daily Survey, And Swimsuit Models Zip In Nissan 370Zs

February 25, 2009
Chinese homebrewed street-sweeper

Chinese homebrewed street-sweeper

Yes, it's Wednesday--in fact, it's Ash Wednesday--but don't let that stop you from enjoying a little gearhead infotainment. Try these on for size:

  • Drawing board FAIL -- The Chinese have a lot of great inventions under their proverbial belts--fireworks and pasta, for starters. The automated street-sweeper you see above, though, probably doesn't make the cut. [AutoMotto]
  • Talking turbos -- Folks who watch SpeedTV's SuperCars Exposed might be interested in a FoxNews interview with host Tanner Foust, which offers some behind-the-scenes info and shots from the show's next season. Not a fan? Just wait: there's more video below. [FoxNews]
  • Wednesday survey -- The folks at GayWheels want to know more about you and your car, whether you're an LGBT driver or not. The survey's pretty short--and, c'mon, what else are you gonna do on a Wednesday? Work? Pfft. [GayWheels]
  • Garages enter 21st century -- Auto repair shops have finally figured out how to send text messages, and they're doing it with an annoyingly named tool called "@utoText". Also annoying: we're not the ones who beat the programmers to the punch. [PRnewswire]
  • Car pr0n -- Bugatti's heading to the Geneva Motor Show next week, and rumor has it they're bringing along a killer new Veyron. Until then, you've got plenty of time to ogle galleries of the current model in all its glory. [WorldCarFans]
  • Supermodels in fast cars. That's it. -- Need a distraction? How's this: Sports Illustrated models Melissa Haro, Jessica Hart, and Damaris Lewis drifting around Las Vegas in a trio of Nissan 370 Zs. We'll overlook the fact that the women are stuck at the Luxor, because everything else about this clip looks entirely, 100% awesome. Holy crap: AWESOME. [LeBlogAuto]

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