Link Love From The Car Connection: Giugiaro's Hybrid, Porsche's Museum, And Anderson Cooper's 'Nads (Seriously)

February 23, 2009
Giugiaro hybrid

Giugiaro hybrid

Did someone get that license plate--you know, the one on that Mack Truck that just ran over our weekend? Call 911, 'cause we have been robbed of our leisure time yet again. Join us in some mild infotainment as we try to collect ourselves.

  • Most unnecessary news item of the day -- Michigan psycho psychic Shala Kilmer has some predictions for the auto industry--namely, that 2009 will be a rough year, the industry bailout will be expensive, and people will lose jobs. Which is just great, because none of us have been reading the papers for the past six months or anything. More alarming: someone paid Kilmer to come up with that crap. [Freep]
  • A hybrid with hp -- News flash: Giugiaro is unveiling a hybrid supercar in Geneva. No, it won't be the only one, but it may be the fastest--in fact Giugiaro is claiming it'll be the fastest hybrid on Planet Earth, with an alleged 0-100kmh in about four seconds. Zippity doo dah, indeed. [MotorAuthority]
  • AC's carpet allegedly matches drapes -- Vanity Fair's Brett Berk probably shocked some readers when he let loose with his review of the Acura TSX's new grill job: "I hate to break it to you, TSX: It doesn’t really make you look adult. More like a smiling Twink who’s nose-deep in Anderson Cooper’s bush." Other readers, however, needed a moment to themselves. [VanityFair via Jalopnik]
  • Dubai/pro athlete alert -- Do you have $4600 lying around, waiting to be spent? Are you also an idiot? If you answered yes to both those questions, then YOU, sir or madam, are a prime candidate to buy a special limited edition Vertu Nurburgring Racetrack cell phone that fetes Germany's Nurburgring racing circuit. And look: it's bright and shiny. We bet you really like bright and shiny, don't you? [Carscoop]
  • It's the best we could do -- Good news: the Porsche Museum we mentioned several weeks ago looks great. Bad news: we've had to settle for a video tour instead of seeing it in person. Who do we have to do around here to score some first-class tickets to Stuttgart? [WorldCarFans]

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