Tesla, The Roadster, Vs. Tesla, The Band

February 20, 2009
Tesla versus Tesla

Tesla versus Tesla

It's Friday, and here at TCC, we're feeling a little punchy. Some of us are looking forward to lunch, some are looking forward to Miller Time, and some in New Orleans are looking forward to a long, festive Carnival weekend.

In the spirit of all that giddiness, and in keeping with yesterday's bar-chart fun, we present a comparative graphic that pits Tesla's Roadster against Tesla, the rock band. It all started when someone asked a fairly stupid question: how can you tell a Tesla owner from a member of Tesla? Which only goes to show that goofing off at work can be a productive activity. Or maybe we just have too much time on their hands.

Needless to say, we were surprised to find so many similarities between the target demographics for each Tesla. In fact, there are far more than we've listed here, but we opted to keep it in PG territory. Maybe we'll post the late-night version after you put the kids to bed.

UPDATE: Of course neither the car nor the band bears any resemblance to their namesake, Nikola Tesla, or his beloved Tesla coil. If you've never seen a Tesla coil in action, here's a clip of two "performing" the theme song from Dr. Who. Well, at least that's what the DJ says they're doing. [via BoingBoing]

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