Link Love From The Car Connection: New Transformers Footage, Chris Bangle's Solo Career, And Michael Jackson's Really Bad Taste

February 16, 2009
Michael Jackson's robot head from Moonwalker


Downside: it's Monday. Upside: your boss is probably still hungover, too. Take two aspirin and read up on these odds and ends:

  • Parts is parts -- During economic times like These Economic Times, folks prefer to repair rather than replace their cars. Maybe that's why auto parts search engine is doing so well--and why the Seattle start-up just scored more seed funds. Hooray: someone's profiting. [TechCrunch]
  • Bad, indeed -- Michael Jackson fans have a reason to celebrate: Mr. Moonwalk has hit the skids. Even better: the plastic surgery enthusiast is auctioning off some of his belongings, including a portrait of himself in Elizabethan garb, bedazzled gloves and socks (natch), and a customized Rolls Royce limo jobs that only a Dubai oil profiteer could love. [Gawker]
  • Apples to Volvos -- Remember how Saab wanted to be the new Apple? Well, someone thinks Saab's more approachable Swedish sister, Volvo, is closer match. Judging from the eerie cult following that both brands have, we'd say it's a tossup. [TheAppleBlog]
  • Speaking of start-ups -- Remember BMW's Chris Bangle? (How could you forget?) Well, it looks like he's starting his own design studio. We've got no details to share beyond that--though we're going to assume he'll be designing cars. You heard it here second! [MotorAuthority]
  • Gas attack -- Automaker Iran Khodro (based in Iran, of course) has just come out with a 150hp natural gas engine, which makes it the most powerful on the planet. We've spent half an hour trying to come up with a really good silent-but-violent/Axis of Evil joke, but so far no dice. Weigh in below if you've got one; we'll make it worth your while. [WorldCarFans]
  • More shape-shifting shifters -- There's another sneak peek at Transformers 2, and it's hit the web at full-speed. You can see that Stingray we mentioned the other day (aka Sideswipe), plus Bumblebee (the Camaro) and a few camels. Not really a trailer, it seems like a viral clip of heavily badged movie footage culled by the folks at GM. That said, it also looks like the best Chevy ad ever--probably a much better product placement buy than Chrysler's Terminator 4 deal. FYI, the clip is rockin' like Dokken, so watch the speaker volume, cubicle brethren. [Carzi]

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