Link Love From The Car Connection: Ferrari Crashes, Poo-blic Transportation, And Wendy Freakin' O

February 6, 2009

Hungry for the weekend? Here are some snacks to get you through 'til happy hour:

  • Sportscar sports star: Soccer star Cristiano Ronalo crashed his Ferrari a couple of weeks ago. He claims the car's brakes went out, but an investigation has proven that ain't so. Could a sportscar-loving 23-year-old athlete possibly be guilty of careless driving? [ManchesterEveningNews]
  • DS yes, goddess notsomuch: Images of the new Citroën DS have hit the interwebz and, well, you should see 'em for yourself. Remember the original DS and how "DS" in French is pronounced "dey-ess", meaning "goddess"? Well, "goddess" isn't the first word that comes to mind with these pics. But then, we're quick to judge. Have a look at the official unveiling, too: with the music and the stobes and everything, it feels like Britney Spears Alexander Federline is heading for the stage, but the curtains part to reveal the World's Largest Brownie. [pics at Autoexpress; vid from LeBlogAuto]
  • More fashionable cars: Audi and Prada aren't the only auto/fashion pairing making headlines. Infiniti and Louis Vuitton are making googly eyes at one another, too. Note to self: we're gonna need a bigger checkbook. [Motorauthority]
  • U.K. goes sex-ay: Peugeot has launched a "DriveSexy" campaign in Britain--and yeah, that's one "word". When will the Prince/Gwen Stefani/JT neologism onslaught end? [Edmunds]
  • Sprechen sie auto? BMW is trying to get cars to talk to one another--not in any kind of touchy-feely way, but more like the folks in Michigan are doing. Which is good because the last thing we need during rush hour is someone shouting at us in German. [KickingTires]
  • Poo-blic Transportation: Busses in Oslo, Norway will soon be tricked-out to run on biomethane. Anyone wanna hazard a guess as to where they're gonna find some methane-emitting goop? [AutoMotto]
  • Music video lagniappe: For this Friday's clip, please enjoy the late, great, never-sedate Wendy O. Williams driving a school bus through a wall of TVs, climbing to the top of said bus while it's hauling ass across the desert, and jumping off the bus before it slams into another wall of TVs and explodes. (And yes, it's real, and yes, Wendy did all her own stunts. She was Wendy freakin' O, brah.)

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