Link Love From The Car Connection: Fastest Electric Motorcycle, Lambos On Fire, Esurance Remains Highly Annoying

February 5, 2009

The week's almost over. Here's some link love to make Thursday go down easier.

  • Dude, NOT COOL: Over in Brussels, a couple of teens torched a perfectly good Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder. Either the kids in Belgium are especially ruthless these days, or someone's spiked the waffle mix. Colin Farrell, we're lookin' at you. [Carscoop]
  • Zippity-do-dah: Industrial designer and all-around cool guy Yves Béhar has just polished off an electric motorcycle for Mission Motors. With a top speed of 150mph, it's apparently the Fastest. Electric. Motorcycle. Ever. Which is why that tail light looks like a smiley face. [AutoMotto]
  • Speaking of hogs: If our broker were E. F. Hutton, he'd probably say we should follow the moves of Warren Buffet, who just invested $300 million of Berkshire Hathaway money in Harley-Davidson. Funny, Johnny the Bookie never told us anything about it. [Autoblog]
  • Cancel the safari, dear: Obama's put more teeth into the feds' various bailout packages, insisting that no executive at any corporation receiving bailout dollars can earn more than $500,000 a year. That applies not only to the Wall Street set, but also the top brass at Chrysler and GM--all of whom earn significantly more than $500k. Ford, of course, didn't take the cash, so Alan Mulally's solid gold toothpick allowance is safe. For now. [Motorauthority]
  • Take that: GM has suspended its politicial donations for the moment. We're sure it has nothing to do with the salary caps mentioned above, but the timing is pretty funny, no? [DetNews]
  • Dude, WEAK: As if Esurance's ad campaigns weren't confusing and annoying enough, the company has just launched a (slow-ass) Star Trek-themed microsite. Why, you ask? What's the tie-in? WE HAVE NO IDEA. WHY DOES ESURANCE DO ANYTHING? The site's only saving grace would seem to be its World's Biggest Trekkie competition, which has at least generated a vaguely amusing video.


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