Link Love From The Car Connection: Classic Car Heaven, Kooky Cufflinks, And Shopping Cart Conversions

February 2, 2009

Read up. It's going to be a long week...

  • Saab wants to be Apple: Saab is hoping that its impending liberation from GM will give it the freedom to "think different" [sic], like a certain computer/accessories maker. The company's new target market? "[E]ntrepreneurs, dentists, doctors and agency people". And here we were thinking that Saabs were just for left-leaning college professors too chicken to pipe bomb McDonald's. [Autocar]
  • Hot truck: Did you catch that Toyota Tundra spot during the Superbowl? The one where the truck was going up a badass ramp, and you were like, no way, and then they lit the ramp on FIRE, and you were all like NO FREAKIN' WAY? Really? Well, you might wanna watch it and the "making of" video, too. Way. [Pickuptrucks]
  • Pod people: It must be nice to live in a place where money isn't an object--a place like Abu Dhabi, where the upcoming car-free Masdar City is getting its own system of personal transit podcars. Which sounds a lot like a movie we once saw, only we hope Masdar City is friendlier to people over 30. [AutoMotto]
  • Classic car heaven: Dig oldies? Then boogie on down to Havana, where half the cars pre-date the 1961 "unpleasantness". Gaywheels has a good story about the land of rum and Coke, plus some great photos. SF readers, let the Castro/cruising puns begin. [article at Gaywheels; annoyingly unembeddable slideshow at Picasa]
  • Arm candy: Carnival season is about to launch into full swing along the Gulf Coast, which means it's time to dust off the tuxes and shine up the cufflinks. Gearheads in particular would be thrilled to get a set of links modeled after racecar brakes--assuming you've got $2050 to buy 'em. [AutoMotto]
  • Plan ahead for the weekend: Run through all the projects in your garage? Want a slightly different challenge? Here's one: first, swipe a shopping cart from the grocery store, then motorize the sucker. The friendly folks at Make show you how:


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