Link Love: Vintage Volvos, a Free BMW M3 and Snow Lambos

January 27, 2009

News items of interest to devoted gearheads and the people who love them...

  • Cyclists riding hard: A Japanese research team insists that it's found no linkage between riding a motorcycle and erectile dysfunction. "Subtle groin vibrations increase blood flow and are actually stimulating not debilitating on our tissues. Regular motorcycle seat vibration is not going to damage penile nerves." That's almost TMI, even for a news story. [PRNewswire]
  • Not doable in a weekend:  Feeling up for a restoration project? This Craigslist offer of a BMW M3 looks like a good one--and it's a freebie! Yeah, those dents should totally buff right out. [Craigslist]
  • Redneck engineering rules: We don't know who converted this Chevy Apache into a treehouse, but he (or she) is seriously badass. Or, possibly, crazy. But likely both. [AutoMotto]
  • Vintage Volvo:  No matter where the troubled brand goes, it'll take its beautiful design history with it. Flickr user "pbwoychick" has captured some of the highlights. Sigh. [Flickr]
  • We hate to criticize, but:  Mothers Against Drunk Driving has issued a press release that encourages people to designate sober drivers at Superbowl parties. That's something we can totally get behind, but couldn't MADD have picked a less annoying headline than "Everyone Wins the Big Game With a Sober Designated Driver"? Jeez, mom. [PRNewswire]
  • Vicarious adrenaline: Ever driven a Lamborghini? Through snow drifts? While drifting? Neither have we. But thankfully, other people have [Carzi]:

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