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January 20, 2009

A few autophile articles you may have missed:

The devil drives Audi: German automaker Audi has just inked a deal with Italian fashion house Prada for some joint sponsorship activities. If Prada-styled autos follow, are we going to have to match them to our shoes? [Edmunds]

Big bear gets bigger: If global research firm Frost & Sullivan is right, Russia's auto industry will stabilize by the end of the year and is on track to be third largest in the world by 2012, just behind the U.S. and China. Should we be taking notes? [PRNewswire]

Checker goes Chapter 11: The erstwhile manufacturer of one of New York's most recognizable symbols is in danger of becoming extinct: parts-maker Checker Motors, who made the once-ubiquitous Checker Cabs has filed for bankruptcy. What next--Nathan's? [Autonews subscrition req'd]

Cristiano Ronaldo's friends put him in his place: Soccer superstar Ronaldo trashed his Ferrari a couple of weeks ago. The poor guy has been schlepping around in a Bentley ever since, bemoaning his sad state, so his teammates chipped in and got him the car he deserved: a pedal car for kids. [WorldCarFans]

Most questionable car accessory ever: If a golfball's aerodynamics are improved by its dimples, could dimpling help your car's fuel efficiency, too? Accessories outfit SkinzWraps thinks so, claiming its new FastSkinz will provide an 18% - 20% boost in gas mileage. Of course, they should probably test that in a lab first.  [Treehugger and Dvice via Automotto]

Plucky prototypes: Peugeot's Museum of Adventure recently opened a show called "Exposition Interdite" ("Forbidden Exhibit"), featuring concept cars and other items that never quite made it into production. That apparently includes a set of steel dental crowns intended to show off the manufacturers mad metalworking skillz. Let's hope they turned out better than Jaws' set.  [Edmunds]

Worst press release of the day: On a day that absolutely no one was likely to see it (except me, apparently), lighting company LightWild announced that it has just re-lit Volkswagen's U.S. headquarters in Herndon, VA. Any celebrations are likely to be eclipsed by those taking place 20 miles down the road. [PRNewswire]

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