BMW M Video: Germans Love Horsepower and Techno

January 18, 2009

From an American perspective, German tastes in entertainment sometimes seem quite bizarre. For one, they adored cheezy David Hasselhoff and Baywatch. And second, although this perception may be off-base, we keep getting reports that they love their techno. Whether it's the legendary Sprockets from SNL or the German band-turned-porn producers AutoBahn in the Coen Brother's cult classic The Big Lebowski, American entertainers seem to find limitless pleasure in poking fun at the retro disco pulse that we all think Germans gyrate to while eating french fries drenched in mayo.

BMW M (for Motorsports) released a sweet video celebrating decades of do-M-inance. And, alas, instead of snarling inline sixes, raspy resonators, intake honk, or tire squeal, the video spot is set to the tune of some Euro-techno thumpa thumpa with this refrain: "This machine is mind blowing - I don't know where I'm going."

Despite the repetitive lyrics and insistent disco syncopation, the spot should send more than a few shivers down the backs of automotive enthusiasts. It features brilliant footage of M-powered models racing, shots of sinuous polished exhaust headers, cool views of suspension geometry in action, and even a few random shots of a fitness model flexing his own sinews. One segment features generations of the 3-series Coupe morphing into each other during a controlled spin. That scene finishes with a white M3 Coupe planted on the tarmac, sweating and grinning like a cheshire cat.

Good stuff, BMW. But can we get a few car noises next time?

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