Butt-Warming Not a Luxury for Filmmakers

December 19, 2008
2006 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

2006 Porsche Cayenne Turbo S

Hardcore types--you know who you are--may think that seat warmers are for wusses. "Who needs that kind of stuff?" you sneer, wearing shorts as you shovel off your driveway. "What kind of thin-skinned, precious, unicorn butt can't handle a little cold weather?" But no matter how tough and iron-like your backside may be, this story ought to change your opinion of the luxury accessory.

Yesterday a friend of TheCarConnection.com wrote in with a story about the movie Skateland, which was filming in Shreveport, La., over the Thanksgiving holiday. According to her, the weather turned so cold so fast that the Master Prime Lens (sounds important, right?) froze solid. And apparently, you can't just point a hair dryer at these things and wait for them to thaw; you have to do it gently. So the crew did some brainstorming and eventually decided on the perfect vehicle (pun intended) for the warming: the seats of the executive producer's Porsche Cayenne. Worked like a charm.

We haven't seen clips of the film yet, and we aren't even sure that the Cayenne saw on-screen action. But it's nice to know that butt warmers have had an impact on the world, no?--Richard Read


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