California Upstarts Launch Startup, and It Is Awesome

December 18, 2008
RORmaxxx Formula AE

RORmaxxx Formula AE

According to our sources, children are the future. And although some young people can make the forecast seem very dismal indeed, there are numerous bright spots on the horizon, including two enterprising guys from California, Rory Handel and Maxx Bricklin. (NB: Yes, he spells it with two Xes. He's just that badass.)

Rory and Maxx have created the concept for a car that runs on electricity, the RORmaxx Formula AE. That in itself wouldn't raise many eyebrows these days, but there's more: Those batteries are powered, in part, by the sun and wind. PV cells are great and all, but the smartest part would seem to be the turbine and intake system. Reading the duo's description is enough to give many people a "Well, duh!" moment:

Energy lost under the friction of the air will be recovered through aerodynamically optimized intakes which force air into turbine like fans that will spin brushless synchronous alternators recovering a predicted 20-25% increase in electrical energy of which will then get stored in Ultra-Capacitors for immediate usage. Four strategically placed air flow recovery systems will be installed around the vehicle, but their intakes will not be obvious because the body work design will incorporate them in a way that’s very pleasing to the human eye; an important key factor in vehicle design.

Yeah, and did I mention that these guys are still in high school? Awesome. -- Richard Read

[via worldcarfans]


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