's Holiday Housecleaning Giveaway Extravaganza, Day 5

December 17, 2008
iGo Everywhere15

iGo Everywhere15

We've been rewarding you all week for kicking in comments on our blog--and today we've got some powerful fun for the next sassy-tongued contributor.

But first, let's give a hand to BC, who commented yesterday during our holiday extravaganza on a post from earlier this year:

“Boring, ugly, boring, ugly.” Yawn. Do you have anything useful to say about these cars, Thor? Where are YOUR facts?

My Forester gets about 30 MPG on the highway despite it’s “heavy” AWD system, and it’s more than capable of any “off road” activity that your average American driver will ever do. It’s comfortable for two people and two dogs on all our road trips and it gets me to work and back safely in snow and ice. Maybe YOU think it’s boring and ugly, I think it and the Outback the best options for the money. And, in my opinion, nothing screams “boring and ugly” like a minivan, even from Honda.

Golf clap and thanks go along to BC with a digital picture frame.

Today's giveaway is the powerful one: the iGo everywhere15 power adapter. It's so universally loved, even the wordsmiths at lavished some love on it: "Frankly, we’re amazed you can get anywhere burdened by that array of handheld electronic devices and their attendant adapters, charging cables, and cradles. Wouldn’t it help speed you on your way if you could replace all those charger gizmos with one compact, nigh-unto-universal omnicharger?"

The iGo EveryWhere Power 15, they note, plugs into any standard wall, airplane, or car outlet and can recharge mobile phones, PDAs, digital cameras, and MP3 players, one or two at a time, provided you have the right tips, which are all over the Best Buy shelves.

You know the rules--comment on any story within the next 24 hours or so, and we'll choose the winner who makes the most coherent, articulate and funny riposte to one of our stories. Stay tuned later this week--we'll be giving away hats, jump drives, pens and a bongo drum. Yep, the drum is still in the works - stay tuned Friday where we give away everything else randomly so our prize bin starts out 2009 empty and fresh!


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