How You Vote Vs. What You Drive

October 27, 2008
Having a hard time telling if your neighbors are voting Obama or McCain? Kelley Blue Book suggests that the vehicle they drive may be a strong indicator of whom they plan on casting a ballot for next week.

Wow, the pollsters really are delving into the minutiae this year. Just like animals can tend to look like their owners, it seems something can be learned about a person's voting preference based solely on their wheels. In the absence of yard signs, t-shirts, or vehement streetside arguments to give you a hint what the Joneses' will be doing in the voting booth, consider these trends as reported by Detroit Free Press:

McCain, they say, enjoys strong support from domestic cars, SUV and pickup owners. Just like their experienced candidate, some of these platforms (and their technology) have been around for decades. While they may not drive with the eloquence or dance with the panache of the democratic rival, they are proven, solid, meat-and-potatoes kinda vehicles that Americans trust. Some Americans, anyway.

2008 Ford Escape Hybrid

2008 Ford Escape Hybrid

Enlarge Photo
Obama voters, it seems, "tend to own foreign makes, smaller cars, and hybrids." You know, automotive elitists, just like their wildly popular candidate. What's more, some of these vehicles, especially the European ones - GASP! - are produced in countries where socialists reign. Forced to develop fuel-sipping technologies due to high petrol prices years ago, these vehicles are enjoying sudden favor as the American market and worker are brought to their knees by a nonstop succession of financial crises.

We ask you this: with irrefutable economic changes forcing many Americans to abandon their guzzling SUVs and trucks in favor smaller cars and hybrids, might the rapidly changing vehicular trends be a harbinger of election results next week?

We at do NOT endorse a candidate. We are too obsessed (and too busy) traveling, writing, and wrenching on cars for pesky political endorsements. We'd gladly get engaged in a Traverse vs. Flex, or Highlander vs. Pilot argument, but we'll leave the politics to the politicos.

What do you drive, and how do you think it does or does not fit into KBB's trends as mentioned above? And just what would a Nader voter drive?--Colin Mathews

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