The Week in Reverse

August 8, 2008
2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

2009 Volkswagen Tiguan

Will Chrysler really ditch passenger cars for trucks, and get in bed with Nissan? Our bet is yes, but no telling if the resulting love child will have Chrysler pizzazz, Nissan quality, or John Edwards' eyes.

The new Mazda6 is ready to take on the Camry, Accord, Malibu, and the other mid-size titans. Also, the Ford Fusion. Erm, maybe that last one was not the plan.

New for 2009, the Infiniti G37 comes in sedan, coupe, or convertible, your choice--stick around next week as we show you that tantalizing third option from the grounds of Pebble Beach.

Next week we'll also bring you the first in-person look at the ZR1 before we blow the lid on our first drive August 20. For those about to rock, we salute you, or something suitably Metallic.

We did drive the new VW Jetta diesel, and the completely geeked-out Colin Mathews reports it's as good as diesels get. He should know: His old Benz runs on the same stuff they use to make school kids fat.

Volkswagen showed off the sixth-generation Golf, which may or may not become a Rabbit here. Our modest proposal: Ditch them both for a really New Beetle for $15,000, and hang on to the GTI.

Honda's making sure its new hybrid undercuts the Toyota Prius. To do so, it's cutting the number of parts, boosting its hybrid efficiency, and also, buying up thousands of Priuses and turning them into fondue pots. (Word to the wise: Use more gruyere for a smoother texture.)

The Porsche Cayenne is going smaller quicker than expected, which is better than going ugly early, in our experience.

We showed you the next Kia Sorento, spied out in the California desert, and the new big Kia sedan out in the same desert. Coincidence? We think not. That desert's pretty big.

Mercedes may have to cancel its new M-Class hybrid over battery problems. Tuscaloosa will just have to make do with college football. (It's apparently "a big deal" there.)

Lexus is the king of VDS--make sure you read that non-plural, we don't want any trouble.

Could GM and Ford really combine forces to share engines? Wonder Twin powers, activate! Form of, a Fish carburetor! Shape of, cheap and easy hydrogen fuel! Yeah, it'll happen.

We named our eight best cars for college this week, despite the fact that none of them will fit under the gates at Georgia State's parking deck or carry 12 kicked kegs back for the deposit.

Lastly, we told you about the redneck Stonehenge made out of old cars in a Utah suburb, and found a great Spinal Tap clip for you, and got no love for it. Next week as punishment you're getting Hugh Grant.

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