Watch Honda Crash

July 28, 2008
Honda Crash Test

Honda Crash Test

No, not literally. The automaker is doing quite well, thank you, despite the sharp slump in the U.S. market. But we’ve been invited to watch Honda crash a white 2008 Honda Accord, as part of its federal safety ratings test.

Over the years, I’ve been witness to a number of live crash tests, and I have to admit they’re always an amazing thing to watch. There’s the final countdown, the whir as the “bullet” vehicle is launched down the track, and the deafening noise of impact, shards of glass, plastic and metal spinning through the air, seemingly in slow motion.

Watching this interactive video isn’t quite the same – though if you have a good subwoofer hooked up to your computer, you might feel the same, chest-pounding crunch, upon impact.

Honda Interactive Crash Test Demo Invites Viewers to "See What We See"

TORRANCE, Calif., July 28, 2008 - American Honda Motor Co., Inc. has launched a unique online video experience of a vehicle crash test that invites viewers to witness the crash impact and explore it from different camera angles and at various motion speeds.

The crash test demo is part of Honda's "Power of Dreams" corporate ad campaign ( which invites consumers to view the world from inside Honda's vantage point. By encouraging the viewer to "see what we see," Honda hopes to foster an understanding of what motivates the mobility company - in this case, the company's long-standing commitment to safety.

"The crash test video provides our customers with an inside look at how Honda engineers think about and develop advanced safety technologies, such as ACE body structure and advanced air bag technology," said Barbara Ponce, manager of corporate advertising. "We think it's best to let customers see for themselves."

The video, which was provided to Honda by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and depicts the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) frontal rating test, shows a white 2008 HondaAccord sedan traveling at 35 mph crashing into a fixed barrier, methodically crumpling the frontal structure in a few milliseconds. The variable speed video and 3 camera angles are accompanied by interpretive copy that explains to viewers what is occurring at different stages of the crash test.

The NHTSA frontal NCAP test resulted in a 5-star driver, 5-star front passenger rating for the 2008 Honda Accord sedan. These are the highest frontal NCAP ratings possible and indicate a 10% or less chance of serious injury in a head-on, 35 mph collision with a vehicle of similar size and weight.

Government star ratings are part of NHTSA's New Car Assessment Program (

In 2003, Honda launched its "Safety for Everyone" initiative in North America, a comprehensive approach to vehicle safety that seeks to provide enhanced levels of occupant protection and to help with crash avoidance in all Honda passenger vehicles, while also making an active commitment to mitigate injuries for the occupants of other vehicles and pedestrians. Honda operates two state-of-the-art indoor crash test facilities in Tochigi, Japan, and Raymond, Ohio.

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