The iPhone App Store: Stuff for Cars

July 10, 2008


Every day, we drive through the intersection of car geekdom and purer forms of geekdom, so you can imagine the excitement of this morning's release of new Apple iPhone software (though not through Apple yet)--not to mention the go-live date of the new iTunes App Store.

The iPhone app store is open right now, and even though the upgrade software for older iPhones isn't yet available for download, you can still cruise the new App Store on iTunes and find some car-related goodies for your Magic Phone.

A quick surf through the 27 pages of applications reveals these possible gems:

CarStat: Promises "no more little white book! Keep track of money spent on your cars from fuel to service items"--record fuel economy and cost of ownership, and it's cheaper than a gallon of gas.

Calculators: Though it's 99 cents from "," it sounds legit--calculate a car payment or a mortgage payment, including amortization schedules.

Equivalence: From ApogeeWeb, makes converting units easy--say, PS to U.S. SAE horsepower, or pound-feet to newton-meters. (Of course, Google does the same thing.) Units from Ben Spratling appears to do the same stuff.

MPG: From Joe Kueser, this one is pitched as an aid for hypermiling. It tracks mileage, fuel costs, fuel consumption trends, and reasons for changes.

QuickVoice Recorder: From nFinity, perfect for recording GM vice chairman Bob Lutz when he explains how "left-leaning social liberals" dislike big SUVs. There's also Retronyms' Recorder; both are $9.99.

Riddle Racer: From Gala Factory, this app lets you maneuver your car through a series of cones to the checkered flag. Think Honda Civic plus Sudoku. $4.99

TripLog: From Stevens Creek, this app promises to help keep track of deductible expenses, including mileage for three different cars; you can e-mail yourself the log to print for reimbursement.

WhereTo: In what looks like a beautifully simple rotary-dial interface, this GPS-based software alerts you to nearby destinations for food, facilities, and fun--and has a "Surprise Me" button for random choices (not for stills from Vern Troyer's sex tape, thank goodness.)

Remember, you can read us on the iPhone too, and keep up with the latest car news, car photos, and car reviews--plus find a car dealer nearby and read the latest stories on hybrids, too.

Techmeme via TechCrunch

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