A Place to Vent About Gas Prices

June 23, 2008
2009 Chrysler Aspen Hybrid

2009 Chrysler Aspen Hybrid

Lots of local papers have one; the little cultural barometers like The Vent in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. In these columns, readers call in or email their pet peeves or pithy asides, and the paper duly reports them as news--Will Rogers-esque news of the ubiquitous and humorous.

The Vent's usually a place where Atlantans get out frustrations about traffic, city government, and the weather. Lately, though, it's been preoccupied with gas prices. Some drivers have a sense of humor about it. Others seem more directly peeved: while gas here is "only" averaging $4 a gallon for unleaded, the locals are up in arms about where prices are and where they're headed.

This week's best Vents on gas prices follow. By the way, the column used to be just a straight list of complaints, but it's gone all Web 2.0, and you can vote up Vents as you like:

According to the American Petroleum Institute's pie chart, it costs $4 to produce a $4 gallon of gas. No transportation expense, no retailing expense, no profit. Big Oil has been selling us gas at a loss!

For sale: SUV. Original gas still in the tank. Make offer. (For the SUV only).

Can't sell your SUV. Can't sell your mini-mansion. Can't get rid of your kids. How, exactly, does one downsize?

If I had all the money I spent on bottled water, I could buy gasoline.

I'm so old I remember driving an SUV.

Tell me, folks, exactly when will gas be too high for you. I haven't seen any changes yet.

Saw a "Rockford" TV show rerun the other day (circa 1978) and the price of gas was 69 cents a gallon.

To the guy who remembers 25 cent a gallon gas, you are not that old. My family's 1929 Hupmobile bought gas at the Colonial station at 7 gallons/$1, and for every dollar we were given a free drinking glass.

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