Saving, Despite Record Gas Prices

March 25, 2008
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Read the headlines: oil still in the hundreds, and gasoline hitting record highs each week (adjusted for inflation, even). A gallon of regular unleaded hit a record $3.28 last Sunday--$3.63 in California. So how can you still find cheap gas prices?

We've told you many times our tips on choosing the right fuel and on using less gas. Now sites like and are helping out the cause.

CNN talked to Jason Toews, the co-founder of, for his best tips on finding cheap gas prices across the country. Toews says a lot of people are scared that their monthly gas bill is running more than their car payment--a totally new concept for drivers who missed the gas shocks of the 1970s and early 1980s.

So what to do, in an era of approaching $4 a gallon gas? Toews posted these tips on how to find cheap gas prices on his site, and promises a savings of ten to fifteen cents a gallon if you shop smart:

*The difference between the most expensive and the cheapest gas is around thirty to forty cents--and the richest areas of town are where you'll find the most expensive gas.

*Stations near big highways charge more because land is more valuable there, and the higher costs are passed on to drivers. You'll stand a better chance of finding cheap gas prices if you get a little off the beaten path.

* says if you have to fill up at a highway gas station, do it at a state borderline, where stations price their gas aggressively.

*Sevice stations, auto repair shops, and car washes generally don't have cheap gas prices because they do not rely solely on gas for profit.

*Gas stations at wholesale clubs like Costco use cheap gas prices to lure business for the store.

*If you don’t do Sam's or Costco, search the area near those stores. The gas at the wholesale club may have forced nearby stations to lower their prices.

* also says Wednesday morning is the best time to buy gas because it's the pivot point for prices to go up and down, before and after weekends.

Next week, we'll delve into the e-mail chain letters that tell you how much gas you're getting - and how to turn cheap gas prices into more dollars in your wallet.

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