The Week in Reverse

February 22, 2008
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It's a Fiesta! We liked the Verve name, but give Ford credit for warming up to the caliente crowd. Now if only they'd suck up my cultural clique--how about the "Cheese-Eating Surrender Monkey?"

While we're going over Anglicized versions of foreign words that became car names, Audi's Avant actually came after the sedan in Europe. But it's arriving simultaneously with the four-door later this year in the U.S.? Is nothing etymologically sacred?

Given Alfa's spotty history on broken promises, we're unwilling to judge whether the 8C Spider is actually bringing sexy back, or if it's just a tease. Can someone call JT and get a ruling?

GM's plans for big rear-drivers
are proceeding, even though CAFE's already claimed some smaller RWD cars in the master plan. So what's the future of the new big Cadillac and Buick? One thing's for sure -- they won't have much competition.

Detroit show 2009: Camaro, Prius, and Mustang? Just one of those would be better than all five Chinese automakers in Detroit this year. We haven't seen body gaps like that to be

Monday: Cargirl says ethanol bad for the planet. Friday: Scientists agree. Golf claps only, please.

It's a good day to buy--not to be confused with a good day to die.

The Feds are set to make rearview obstacle detectors and blind-spot detectors standard. We're still waiting for the 10,000-volt shock that hits drivers who text in the left lane. (Everyone knows it's rude unless you're in the middle lane.)

New York wants ideas for the taxi of tomorrow. Pray it includes an air freshener.

And finally, British guys seem to remember their first car more than their first date, which only underscores the whole British/gay conundrum.

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