The Week in Reverse

June 17, 2007
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Surprise! Or not. There’s a new Shelby convertible coming later in the year, giving us a reason to hang on (well that, and the new Courtney Love solo album).

Jaguar and Land Rover for sale? Are you sure? We don’t agree but Ford does need a cash bomb to go off in its direction. Even among TCCers we’re in disagreement, as Jerry Flint points out.

Austin-Healey is coming back – via the road to Shanghai. Who knew the Chinese were so into ancestor worship, in, like, that way?

GM’s new diesel: it’s smaller and more efficient. That line sounds great for them, but failed to work for us at the clubs.

Larry King-style break time: We don’t care, dammit, we want an iPhone.

So Gibbs may build the Aquada in Michigan. How perfect would that be for Detroiters’ lake-house-to-Tigers-game sensibility? Better make sure it has a locking tonneau, just in case.

MirraChrome may be the next big bling—unless maybe Winston’s wants to hook us up with sapphire-encrusted 20-inch rims? We didn’t think so.

And Jerry Lee Lewis sighs: the Prius has taken a left turn at battery capacity. The next model won’t debut with flame-prone lithium-ion batteries, which also decreases the chance it will use “Great Balls of Fire” in its TV ad run. It’s all about the licensing, bra.

Finally this week, the “Tulsarama!” exhumation of a 1957 Plymouth Belvedere went off script when it turned out to be a rustbucket. But as Geraldo would say, better rust than nothing at all. Watch closely:

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