The Week in Reverse

April 27, 2007
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“‘Vette Gets More Power!” If we had a dime for every time in our careers we wrote that headline…we still couldn’t pay for a Starbucks. And God, do we need one right now.

Hey, don’t those official Lancer Evo shots look a huge lot like the concept from Detroit? In this case, it’s all good.

In Dearborn, there’s a glimmer of turnaround at Ford again in better than expected Q1 results. We say full steam ahead with the Flex—and somebody, please, if you’re going to kill off the Panther cars, don’t leave them on death row another year.

We’re still looking for your inside stories of the Chrysler chronicles. Think of us as an electronic shoulder to rant on.

Holy crap! We wanted you to call, we wanted you to write – and all we had to do was print an unpopular opinion. We’re getting the hang of polemics, bear with us.

Gas at $4 a gallon is here already. Do we hear $5? $6? It’s like the Price is Right, only there’s seemingly no upper limit.

Rondoism no, Kia Rondo, yes. Forget the ads and give us the car.

Earth Day came and went, and still, cars are 90 percent cleaner than ever before. So where’s the backslapping from Dennis Kucinich? That’s what we thought.

Can you imagine a General Motors that only sold Chevys, Saturns and Caddys? We can too. And so can Alex Taylor. Tell him why he’s wrong.

Lastly, a warm send-off for Warren Avis, rental car king who was returned a little late to the big parking lot in the sky, but presumably, with a full tank of gas.

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