Coulter Says Gore Sign of New “Ass Age”

March 22, 2007
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Ann Coulter takes her raps for throat-slitting commentary—dubbing John Edwards a “faggot” and whatnot—but it’s her weekly print column where her writing benefits from a gut punch of intellect and humor, coupled with a careful line edit.

We love this week’s rag on Al Gore’s global-warming hysterics. Say what you will about the causes of global warming—it’s hard to argue that his globe-trotting, award-accepting, hot-air-exhaling exhortions that the “planet has a fever” are emotional extortions. He’s a huge drama queen and he’s trying to drag us into his three-act play.

Coulter fingers him and the other GW hysterics properly in this week’s column. “No matter how much liberals try to dress up their nutty superstitions about global warming as ‘science,’” she says, “which only six-fingered lunatics could doubt, scratch a global warming ‘scientist’ and you get a religious fanatic.”

Coulter goes on to equate “carbon offsets” with papal indulgences—basically, get into heaven free cards in the Middle Ages—whereas we thought of them more like wealthy families buying their sons out of the Civil War. Gore says he’s paying his way out of guilt instead of recrafting his life to meet his very public mission, which seems to be to bring down Western civilization through unproven, sometimes junk, science.

”Americans spend an extra $2.2 billion on gas a year because they're overweight, requiring more fuel in cars to carry the extra pounds. So even with all those papal indulgences, Gore may have a small carbon footprint, but he has a huge carbon butt-print,” Coulter catcalls.

Ridiculous and inflammatory? It depends. Are we talking Coulter or Gore?


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