The Ambien Highway Has Some Interesting Off-Ramps

March 14, 2007
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Who knew that drugs that make you sleep artificially might also make you get up, key the Mazda to life and run down to the corner for cigarettes – all without waking up? The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is finally getting around to warning makers of sleep aids like Ambien (Tylenol-shaped, low hangover), Rozerem (talking beaver commercial), Seconal (Marilyn Monroe in her least attractive pose) and Lunesta (packaging reminds us of hygiene products) that their products have the occasional unwanted side effect of rousting users from sleep and making them do complex tasks. Like driving. Like eating. Like drug-dialing their friends at 4 a.m. The New York Times chronicled this last year, folks—and we’re just getting around to making the warning on the box a little bigger?


NYT: Ambien A Growing Drugged-Driving Problem--TheCarConnectionBlog

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