GMTen Fashion Show Shows Love to MJB

February 22, 2007
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GM’s held yet another fashion show – as a pre-Oscar warm-up and as a preview of the vehicles it’s putting in the Transformers movie. But instead of showing you more pictures of D-list celebs and God forbid, cars, we’ll leave you with the takeaway from Tuesday’s gala - the queen of TCC and coincidentally, of hip-hop soul, singer Mary J. Blige.

TCC’s Thumbnail Guide to Mary J. Blige’s Career:

What’s the 411?: Diddy done right. One of music’s most sharply defined debut albums, and a landmark for hip-hop’s crossover into the mainstream. We don’t care about the goofy hat she wore on the cover. Recommended car tunes: Real Love, Sweet Thing.

My Life: A little Rick James, a lot of Aretha, and the best phrasing of any female singer of the decade. Say what you will about the heavy sampling – the performance is flawless. But again with the hat! Recommended car tunes: Be Happy, Be With You, You Bring me Joy.

Share My World: Sturm und Bling, the very essence of ghetto fabulous. She’s happier, but how could you not be? Some major hits here, including a smooth interpretation of Natalie Cole’s Our Love. The hat is replaced by big sunglasses. Recommended car tunes: Love is All We Need, Everything.

Mary/ No More Drama: Sorry. We’re just not feeling these. She gets it and name-checks these duds in her next smash.

The Breakthrough: Well deserved Grammys. Sounding more like Aretha with every passing year. Totally nails an upbeat groove. Recommended car tunes: Obvious hits like No One Will Do and Be With You, but check out the early-‘80s Baggage and the swirling Jay-Z confection Can’t Hide From Luv.

And catch her take of her career on MJB da MVP – not for a second does it sound like boasting:

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