The Week in Reverse

October 22, 2006
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"Here's an extra ten euros. Make sure it's washed and if there's more than ten miles on it when I get back, I'm sending Sister Mister T after you."

Eh what, guv'na? There's a new London taxi hitting the streets! Anyone betting on how long it takes Ford or the Chinese to buy up the rights to it?

Like we predicted this summer, the recent drop in gas prices is turning into a rebound in pickup and SUV sales. Nutty Americans, our memory's about as long as our patience.

We spotted the next Jeep Liberty last week, and there's word a full canvas top is on the options list. While they're at it, why not throw in a HEMI? See item #3.

The Prius and Civic hybrids topped the EPA's list of fuel-efficient vehicles. In an unknown coda to the survey, the very same vehicles also topped the list of those parked at the civic center during the annual DragonCon geekfest.

Two for one: buy Land Rover, get Jaguar free! Or something like that.

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In a jet-lagged fit of pique, Mark Fields falls off-message and insists that Ford must "bust a move" back to profitability.

And finally this week, TheCarConnection expresses sympathy in advance for long-suffering Tigers fans who must sit out the next few home games in 40-degree weather. Hey, at least you're not in Tampa Bay! Wait...that doesn't sound quite right.

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