The Week in Reverse

August 25, 2006
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Does this say "Scirocco" to you? Hey, it doesn't matter as long as it doesn't say "Corrado VR6" as far as we're concerned.

Pick your favorite rumor: 1) Ford will take the company private after selling off Credit, Jaguar and Land Rover; 2) Ford will form an alliance with Hyundai/Kia or Renault/Nissan; 3) Ford will stick by its turnaround plan and weather its product drought; 4) Ford will change its name to an unpronounceable symbol, move to Minneapolis and push out some lazy career filler for the rest of its days. Stay tuned for our dissassembly of the situation next week, m'kay?

Well, at least somebody is standing up for Jaguar. Personally we're confounded that whole generations of auto executives haven't managed to make a solid business out of it, especially with cars like the new XK.

Ford says it's coming out with a clean truck diesel, and then GM said the same thing. Chrysler has one on the way for Jeep, too. Our mental picture is one of lobbyists doing an abrupt about-face and falling like hundreds of dominoes.

Ford chopped a Lincoln V-8 out of its product plan, leaving it and Acura to battle it out for the title of "luxury-adjacent." To paraphrase a line from the movie Singles, "futility is the world's worst cologne."

GM will be building Camaros again in Canada. Okay, wait a minute - just put aside all those stereotypes of "hosers" and "Alanis Morrissette wannabees" and "Celine Dion worshippers" and just thank God they didn't decide to build the damn thing in France. (Come to think of it, what's wrong with putting it in Hamtramck with Cadillac?)

Highway deaths are up, but this time it's pedestrians and motorcyles accounting for the rise. Didn't Denis Leary remind us all, "If you don't have four wheels, stay on the f*@n' sidewalk"?

Finally this week, Toyota said it's considering slowing its product development cycle because of the plague of recalls descending upon it. The faint smell of heaping criticism is starting to linger there, no?

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