The Week in Reverse

April 30, 2006
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President Bush's embrace of ethanol and CAFE boosts: is it just us, or does it feel like the hug you get from a nephew who really wants to be in your will?

Ford wants a piece of the reality-TV pie.'s coming to us....okay, how about Flavor Flav and Elena Ford in a second round of Flavor of Love? Anyone? Anyone?

Only about half of Nissan's West Coast employees are making the move to Nashville. Two possible unintended consequences: former chief Jed Connelly ends up over at Toyota for a scary one-two punch, and Kenny Chesney gets lunch and a lovely bouquet from Jim Morton for Secretary's Day. (Who was it that suggested the Nissan move would be one unique launching pad for Morton to run for governor of Tennessee, anyway?)

Speaking of Toyota, they're going to be all over the mobile edition of Fox's TV hit, Prison Break. A prior deal to sponsor HBO's Oz fell apart when Toyota's Jim Press and the dude who played Adibisi wore the same jaunty little hat to a kickoff meeting for the creative.

South Korea's police are all up in Hyundai chairman Chung Mong-Koo's junk, arresting the chairman for all kinds of financial misdoings. Suggested reading list for prison: the translated version of Steve King's Shawshank Redemption.

Jerry Flint made a mistake: Pontiac's G6 Convertible is indeed in production and a few examples have been sent out to the dead-tree publications, for God only knows what purpose. First reader with a proof of purchase can send us their driving impressions for cool free junk.

And finally this week, we're pretty appalled that a Philly-area pizza guy was using his car for double duty, also delivering corpses to funeral parlors--yes, in 30 minutes or less, we're told. Our question is not only how much, but who tips the guy?

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