The Week in Reverse

February 12, 2006
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Tough-timer Lincoln says it’s changing most of its cars over to letter names instead of real word names. The Zephyr’s becoming the MKZ—pronounced “Mark-Z.” No so differently abled Mercury called dibs on all leftover names starting with the letter M. Will there be a Menopause in Ford’s future? (Answer: “That’s not funny!”)

Toyota showed off a new Tundra pickup with 10,000 pounds of towing capacity--or, roughly, three Priuses unladen with social conscience. Are we green, or are we black and blue today?

Might you like a Caliber SRT4 with 300 hp? That's what you'll get if you line up for a Neon SRT4 and stay in line too long.

Looks like AM General is out of the running to build the replacement for the Humvee. But hey, wouldn't it be keen to see the new International MXT alongside the Humvee in some foreign war theater like stars in a bad cop-buddy movie? (Now starring Woody Harrelson and Queen Latifah, in High and Mighty. Or if Russell Crowe needed the cash, it would be High and Matey, pronounced same.)

Proving there's nothing new under the sun, Dodge's Rampage concept truck not only lifted the midgate concept from the Avalanche--it lifted the name, too. What the hell, it's probably copyrighted already; you'll save money anticipating the lawsuit.

When it comes to bling, there's nothing like excess. So who wins the metal-faced smackdown between the new Navigator and the Caddy 'Slade? We're not sure but we think good taste is the usual casualty.

You really missed the most charming press conference ever if you weren't at the Chicago auto show. Hyundai brought up a preschool worth of kids dressed as doctors, scientists, and airbags. Marketing guy John Krafcik gets extra points for his kudos: "Great job, airbags." New rule: don't work with kids or animals unless you let them run the show.

Our favorite Santa Barbara slacker, John Pearley Huffman, thinks the Mitsu Eclipse is a better with its top off. He says the same thing about the Dixie Chicks, which is why he can't be trusted.

And on that note, TCC's latest Flint in the works pointed out this week that bimbos are back on the auto show scene. We read it and liked it - but really, doesn't Bill Ford deserve a little more respect?

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