Smash His Viper?

December 12, 2005
Gotta get my glasses checked...

When the e-mail arrived, I could've sworn it said "I smashed up my Viper." Having pushed the Dodge 2-seater right up to its limits a few times myself, I can understand just how easy that might be. But a closer read revealed a very different situation. Seems the folks at have come up with a well, rather interesting idea that would've been novel even during the years of the "Internet Bubble." The apparently Siamese-twined daveandjason have decided that they're ready to scratch, smash and drill their way to prosperity by letting their readers pay to do the damage. The late-model Viper "is the only thing I have to show for all the work I've done in my life," explains Jason Gunther, in the site's FAQ.

A key scratch will only set you back a buck. A swing with a Louisville Slugger is $25. Oh, and there are apparently some lovely and scantily clad young ladies in Jason's neighborhood who haven't been taking their Prozac lately. They'll do the dirty work for you for an extra $100. No, no price has been set for taking a swing at the doomed Viper's owners.

Here in Detroit, of course, there are lots of folks willing to mess up a car -- for free. Unfortunately, it may be your car they take their aggressions out on.

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